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CSR Innovations Meeting

You’ve probably heard of the words “Customer Service” so many times and you’ve probably attended numerous trainings on it as well yet your level of customer satisfaction is still low. Wondering why? Many people out there seem to think of customer service only as a concept but have difficulties seeing it through execution.

In this one-day learning session, participants will learn and understand the new trends in customer service. The saying “The customer is always right.” has already become passé. Today, successful organizations embrace the philosophy “The customer does not have to be right.” In fact, we don’t even say customer service anymore, we say “Customer Experience.” Find out what exactly that means in this learning event.
In this session, learn about the Customer Experience Ecosystem and the Six (6) Disciplines of Customer Experience. By doing so, you will help transform an age-old “customer service system” into a living and breathing Customer Experience Ecosystem.

Is it right for me?

Is it right for you? If you or your organization is looking for a better way to increase your customer experience scores, then this is the training for you. Forget about old concepts of customer satisfaction, customer retention or customer loyalty; in this session, you are going to learn about a Customer Experience Ecosystem that will encompass all theories and concepts on customer service. By the way, we won’t call it customer service anymore, we will say “Customer Experience.”
For those wishing to learn or improve their knowledge of current Customer Experience Systems, this is the program for you. If you are a team leader, supervisor, manager, senior manager, or director from operations, sales, training, quality, or any other department that has, in some way or another, direct or indirect impact on customer experience, then you have come to the right place. You must attend this training!

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DSC 2017 Official Meetup & Conference

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